Bespoke Training

We deliver bespoke training for private settings, children's centres, schools and universities.

To find out more about how we can develop a training programme to meet your training needs, please email us, or complete the enquiry form below.


Examples of Previous Workshops


An introduction to the Beginning with Babies programme

Session: 1 day 9.30-15.30

This course looks at how important forming secure attachments are in relationships to a baby’s formative days, weeks and months. Their emotional bonds to their parents and other care givers. To understand that the development of a secure attachment relationship is a crucial part of early brain development. There will be an opportunity to explore the research based on attachment theory which has a strong evidence base influencing childhood policies together with the revised EYFS.

This day gives a firm foundation to the Beginning with Babies programme.

Beginning with Babies Refresher


Session: 2 days: 9.30-15.30

If you have completed Beginning with Babies in the past then you might be interested to know we are offering a refresher course. Over two days rather than four, but still the same high impacting inspiring training everyone has come to know and love from The Totem Pole. The days will give you a chance to update your "BWB" knowledge, revisit relevant theories and be introduced to some new ones. There will be opportunities to refresh your knowledge about Active Learning and of course revisit the importance of the environment but with some refreshed material and ideas for putting the theory into practice.  Book now and prepare to be inspired……… again.


Making Numbers Count

making numbers count.png

The course will offer practical activities to engage 3 to 5 year old children, in problem solving, reasoning and numeracy within an active learning environment in Nursery or at home.
Practitioners will engage in fun activities which will build on their own practice while sharinginformation that underpins the children’s learning.

Course Aims:

  • To gain a greater understanding of how problem solving, reasoning and numeracy can be used in an active learning environment.
  • To engage practitioners in meaningful mathematical and problem solving opportunities that relate to everyday situations.
  • To share ideas and reflect on present practice. 
  • To discuss parental involvement and take away ideas for a ‘Maths is Everywhere’ booklet.

Parents as Partners - Jump on board

Working with parents

Working with Parents as Partners can be challenging as we all go about out busy lives. In this workshop we will focus on improving parent involvement, through our understanding of a family focused approach in our settings, creating partnerships with parents, and emphasizing materials and activities that originate in a child’s home and focus on improving adult – child interaction. There will be an opportunity to explore ideas for ‘parent’s evenings’.

Course Aims:

  • To recognise the benefits of parents involvement in the education of their children
  • Understand what is meant by ‘parents’ as partners’
  • Identify strategies for building and maintaining partnerships with parents
  • To plan a ‘parents’ evening with activity ideas to take back and use in settings


Festival Fun

Session: 1 day 9.30-15.30

Festivals and celebrations bring the magic of many creative arts together. During these workshops you will explore the use of colour, music, materials, dance and culture to enhance the five main areas in your environments.

The workshops have been designed to support you during the seasons of Autumn, Winter, Summer and Spring bringing ‘Festival Fun’ to the children. These large group Workshops are presented individually but you are welcome to attend a number of them to meet the needs of your setting throughout the year.



Behaviour Management and Conflict Resolution

Session: 2 days 9.30-15.30

When conflict arises between children in settings adults will typically ‘fix’ the children’s problems for them. . During these workshops we will explore the key roles EYFS Practitioners and Managers have in understanding how supporting and extending children’s development as individuals lays the foundations to behaviour management. You will be introduced to a problem-solving approach to conflict resolution where the adult takes on the role of mediator, ensuring that the disputes children have are turned into positive learning experiences for everyone concerned.

During these workshops there will be an opportunity to explore and work in The Nursery at The Totem Pole.